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Four Bulbs, Millions of Colors! Power on your lights, choose the color, and adjust the brightness all from your phone. These ultra-bright smart bulbs replace your standard E26 bulbs with energy-conserving light. Using the simple 3-step installation, just screw in the bulb, download the app, and connect! Turn your lights on and off from anywhere or set them on a schedule to operate automatically. Group these 4 bulbs by room or fixture for full control with one swipe. Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, just say, “Turn the bedroom lights red!”



  • Smart Light Bulb

    At 1100 lumens, the iHome Spectra is brighter than your average smart bulbs. There's no easier way to turn your house into a smart home! Set schedules, timers, dim, and more! Only compatible with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

  • Adjustable Brightness & Colors

    With 16 million colors to choose from and a dimming range from 1% to 100%, so you can completely customize the ambience of any room. Use the color wheel in the App for limitless colorful shades or choose a variation of tunable white light between Warm White, Natural White, and Cool White.

  • Energy Efficient Lighting

    LED technology allows you to reduce consumption by up to 80% without losing brightness or quality. With 1100 lumens, this ultra-bright RGBW smart bulb will fill up an entire room while using only 10-watts (the equivalent of an 75-watt incandescent bulb).

  • App & Voice Control

    With the Geeni App, you can control your hubless lights remotely using your voice or smartphone. Set your wireless smart bulbs lights on a schedule, adjust brightness, change colors, and turn on/off from your phone. With Alexa and Google Home, just say, "Turn on the kitchen lights!"

  • Scheduling & Group Control

    Schedule to turn on/off to fit your daily routine. With group control, you can manage multiple bulbs at once with a single command. Instead of wondering if you left a light on, just say "Turn off all the lights."


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There are no product manuals available for the IH-BW439-999.

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