Environmental Sustainability Policy

SDI Technologies, Inc. will act in an environmentally responsible manner in regards to our operations, products and services. To achieve this result, we will:

  • Operate an environmental management system that includes recording performance and the practice of continual improvement.
  • Ensure our products and operations comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Conduct our operations in a manner that is committed to recycling, conservation of resources, prevention of pollution, and promotion of environmental responsibility among our employees.
  • Responsibly manage the use of hazardous materials in our operations, services, and promote recycling or reuse of our products and/or components.
  • Inform suppliers, including contractors, of our environmental expectations and require them to adopt environmental management practices aligned with these expectations. That all suppliers must conduct their business operations in accordance with all applicable national and local laws, regulations, customs and practices. In particular, suppliers should seek to minimize the impact on the environment during manufacturing operations.