Rechargeable Soothing Sound & Light Soother with White Noise


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Rechargeable Soothing Sound & Light Soother with White Noise

Introducing the iHome Baby portable noise machine and nightlight soother with white noise. Create a sleep-inducing environment for your baby with soothing white noise and lullaby sounds, as well as a calming amber nightlight. Choose from nature, lullaby and nature tracks designed to help babies and their parents fall asleep by blocking out interrupting sounds. A programmable sleep timer with 10, 30, and 60 minutes allows you to program the unit to the optimal time for your baby to fall asleep. Portable and rechargeable you can take this nightlight sound machine with you on the go to help your baby sleep in various environments.


iHome Baby

  • Programmable Timers

    10min, 30min, 60min, or continuous sound and/or light

  • Soothing Light

    Soft amber night light with 3 brightness levels to create a soothing sleep environment

  • Portable

    Great for travel - charge wherever you go!

  • USB Rechargeable Battery

    Operates 9+ hours on a single charge (charging cable included)

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 2.84" W x 4.18" H x 2.84" D

Weight: 0.37 lbs


Product Manual

General information, answers to technical questions, and other related information can be found within the product manual.


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