Baby and Toddler Sound Machine Soother with Cry Sensor and Nightlight


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  • Bluetooth Audio

    Wireless audio streaming to enjoy kids music playlists, storybook apps and more

iHome Baby

  • 14 Soothing Sounds

    6 White Noise, 4 Lullabies, 4 Nature Sounds, naturally recorded and designed to soothe and induce sleep

  • Sleep Schedule Programs

    Integrated display enables app-free programming of nighttime and nap sleep schedule program

  • Night Light & Reading Light

    5 preset lighting modes with infinite color glow mode and brightness control

  • Built in Cry-Sensor Technology

    Activates a soothing “shush” sound to help calm your baby

  • Time-To-Rise

    Customizable wake color to help kids learn when it’s time to wake up

  • Auto Time Sync

    Connect to Bluetooth to synchronize clock time to iPhone time

  • Remote Control

    Easily control unit through walls, without getting up or waking baby

  • Toddler Lock

    Lock buttons to prevent curious toddlers from changing settings


Product Manual

General information, answers to technical questions, and other related information can be found within the product manual.


Download warranty information for the SWEET DREAMS (iZBT50).

View the SWEET DREAMS (iZBT50) support page for registration, FAQs, and more.